Envy Glass designs

Each piece has a hand applied patina that will continue to oxidize and add brilliance along with personality for the life of the piece.

Each piece is produced using the highest quality Boro Schott Tubing which consists of various percs, maximizing the function.

Heady Glass water pipes


envy glass designs are proud american made products that are intended for tobacco use only. reasonable users of 18+ years of age.

made in the u.s.a.

Heady glass is one of a kind glass. This is high end and artistic glass which is blown from our very talented team of artists.

Scientific Glass water pipes


Electro formed water pipes



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We have one goal here at Envy Glass Designs and that is to combine exceptional and superior customer service with a more advanced and unrivaled quality product. Envy Glass Designs is committed to designing products for all adult tobacco connoisseurs who desires the natural filtration benefits of water. All of our products are produced in our warehouse here in Southern California, using only the highest quality Boro Schott Glass. We take pride in being able to invite all into our glass community and guarantee your satisfaction in our workmanship. We at Envy Glass Designs are happy to contribute to our country by keeping our manufacturing 100% American made!